I promise to live my life fully, with honor, dignity, courage and self-respect...
With repsect for my family, my community and my country...
To show compassion for those less fortunate than I...
For this is the very spirit and soul of the African-American...
Therefore, on this day, in this place and at this time,
I make this solemn pledge.

Other pledges from American Renaissance:

African American Pledge

I am a proud African American Child.
I came from great people who expect great things.
I want to be a good thinker and a great leader.
I love my hair and skin and myself from deep within.
I love my sister and my brother because we both must struggle.
I promise to be the best I can in all I do.

Black Heritage Pledge

“I pledge my respect to the flag of the Black Americans and to the people it represents. I shall remain aware of the color red, being ever mindful that it represents the blood shed by our forefathers. The color black gives me pride and identity. I shall always remain true to the American ideal that all men are created equal.”
Supposedly recited in an all-black school in Georgia... see link above.