prow.jpg"At the northern entrance to the park (City Park) is a Spanish American War memorial, a formalized concrete representation of a ship's prow, in which is embedded the figurehead of the former USS Louisiana. The brass medallion, emblazoned with the seal fo the US, was presented to the State in 1910."

Below are close-up shots of the plaques affixed along the sides of the concrete prow:

Written on the first:

"This figurehead from the Battleship Louisiana is erected in memory of the soldiers and sailors who served the flag in the Spanish-American War 1898-1902. Erected MDMXXXIX [1939]"


Not showing is a smaller plaque resting above the previous plaque stating that the metal used in its manufacture was recovered from the U.S.S Maine.

Opposite the above plaque is the following dedication. Notice the spelling of Puerto Rico as "Porto Rico":


Louisiana State Guide; images by staff